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Jessica’s Testimonial

We value your trust more than anything else!

“Dr. Ambur is fantastic! She safely delivered my daughter and son and made my pregnancies such a positive experience. She answered my questions and ensured the safety for both me and my babies were a top priority. The level of personalized care she and Haugen provide to their patients sets them apart. I truly look at her as a trusted partner. I highly recommend her to anyone!” – Jessica

Meet our Breast Health Nurse Navigators!

Meet our Breast Health Nurse Navigators!  Jamie Santos and Amy Blair.

They work for all of our OBGYN Associates practices. What exactly do they do?

“A Breast Health Nurse Navigator can help to support and advocate throughout your breast health journey. We educate women on their lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and how to help prevent and/or detect breast cancer in early stages. With breast “self awareness”, education, and early treatment, we are able to empower women to take control of their breast health.”

We asked Jamie and Amy why they love their jobs and they said,

“Being a Nurse Navigator has allowed us to do the best parts of nursing; we get to support and educate women to be healthy, confident in their care, and develop relationships with our patients. We love being able to empower women to take control of their breast health, and seeing the difference we can make in peoples lives!”

Colleen’s Testimonial

“My experience with the Haugen OB/GYN group had been nothing short of amazing. From the front desk staff, to the nurses and NPs, to the physicians who treated me, I have only had positive experiences.

The team that I saw most often was at the downtown office, and I loved getting to know them. They took such great care of me and I always knew I was in good hands. (Shout out to Jennie, Mai, Jancy and Emma).

Dr. Dahling is just the best. Every prenatal visit I had she was very patient as I went through my long list of questions and made me feel cared for. I was lucky enough that she was the doctor on call when I went into labor and I couldn’t have been happier. She, along with my husband and doula, made the best birthing team. They made sure I knew what was going on and what my options were along every step of the way.

I am so glad that I chose Haugen for my women’s care. I have only had the best experiences and am truly going to miss the team now that my prenatal care is done and I won’t have to visit weekly.”

– Colleen

Claire’s Testimonial

“Jancy is an incredible practitioner, who deeply cares about her patients. She consistently provides a level of care that demonstrates her empathy and genuine care for her patients wellbeing.” – Claire