Attached is a ZIP file that includes all Established Patient paperwork.  We would appreciate these forms being completed and sent back to us prior to your appointment.  By sending these forms in ahead of time will help us to be more prepared for your appointment.  This will also allow you to complete them from the convenience of your own home and be as detailed and accurate as possible.  When complete please fax to 952-927-6569.

*REMINDER WE NEED FOR YOU TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIME PLEASE!  We ask that you bring your insurance card, picture ID, and copay if applicable. 

Insurance Information:

We frequently receive questions regarding insurance coverage of various procedures and tests. Due to the wide variety of plans and different coverage in each plan, you should check your insurance before your visit. There may be a difference in your insurance coverage for “preventative visits and tests” and “screening tests”.  We suggest you check with your insurer to see if tests you are wanting performed are covered services and if so how much it will cost YOU to have them done. Tests may be covered but may need to be paid fully out of your Health Savings/Flex Account, may be subject to your deductible, and/or require a copayment. If we believe a test may NOT be paid for by your insurer, we may ask you to sign a waiver and prepay for the test performed.

We look forward to seeing you soon!