Experience: Calming moms-to-be when the unexpected happens

Andreya thought she had the perfect pregnancy. Her baby boy was developing beautifully, her vital signs were good, and she wasn’t in any pain.

That all changed at her 31-week appointment, when she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia — a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication that hospitalized Andreya at The Birthplace at Fairview Southdale Hospital.

“Everyone at Fairview made me feel super comfortable,” Andreya says. “Since my baby needed to be born early to avoid further complications, my nurses brought me to the NICU to show me around and explained everything that could happen.”

A few days later, Andreya’s pregnancy complications prompted Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist Dan Landers, MD, and OB-GYN, Andrea Flom, MD, to recommend delivery. After two days of unsuccessful labor induction, Andrea performed a cesarean section.

“Luckily, my baby, Elijah, was born healthy — crying and breathing on his own,” Andreya says. “He only had to be on CPAP (a device to help him breathe) for one day, and then he was fine without it!”

Andreya is not only thankful for a healthy baby, but also for her amazing care team.

“The staff let me request nurses I was already comfortable with, kept my mom informed, and helped me with everything I needed,” says Andreya. “They made me feel like a person, not a number.”

Helping preemies get a healthy start to life is one way we’re driving a healthier future.