Infinite Health Collaborative (“i-Health”)

Infinite Health Collaborative (“i-Health”) is a group of independent physician practices who have joined together to offer a solution for your healthcare needs. Our goal is to provide a network of physicians that are closely aligned to deliver value-based care. Haugen OBGYN is proud to partner with other independent physician groups in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We will continue to operate under the Haugen OBGYN name, however all of your billing and insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) will display the legal business name of “Infinite Health Collaborative.”

Date of service 12/31/19 and prior: 

To pay your bill for a date of service 12/31/19 and prior, please call our business office at 952-567-7050. This statement will come from OBGYN Associates. Haugen OBGYN clinic is a subsidiary of OBGYN Associates. 

Date of service 1/1/20 and after: 

OBGYN Associates/i-Health makes it easy and convenient to pay your bill. Please click on the button below to pay your OBGYN Associates bill. You can pay online by eCheck, VISA, American Express, MasterCard or Discover. Be sure to have your statement and payment method readily available when making your payment.

NOTICE: OBGYN Associates online bill payment is powered by InstaMed®. It does not have an affiliation with any other online bill payment directory or processor. Patients have reported third party services fees and other issues based on their use of unaffiliated online bill payment directories or processors.

If you have any questions regarding your billing statement, please call our Customer Service Team at 952-512-5625.

NOTE: The links below are for bill payment for dates of services 1/1/20 and after.