Postpartum Depression and Support

Approximately 80% of new moms experience the “baby blues” starting a few days after giving birth. By definition these feelings of anxiety, sadness, or frustration are mild and limited to two weeks or less. As many as 10-15% of new moms will develop postpartum depression, with persistent, worsening symptoms.

This is a serious problem and requires professional help. Since the postpartum visit does not occur until six weeks, we rely on you and your family members to help identify the warning signs and contact your physician if needed prior to your postpartum visit. Common symptoms include depression, anger, or feelings of hopelessness. Mothers may lose interest in caring for their child, themselves, or their family. Some women experience panic attacks or even have thoughts of harming their child or themselves. Moms that are at risk include those with a prior history of depression, particularly postpartum depression, or those who are going through a stressful life event.

If you have thoughts of hurting yourself, your baby, or feel unsafe you should seek immediate medical attention. For all other concerns, please contact your provider during office hours. We are here to help.

Here are some additional resources on line and in our community: